Broadband Communications

Airborne networks and services for commercial markets

Defense Applications

Drone and communications solutions for high and low altitude missions

Transportation Systems

Autonomous eVTOL drones for cargo and people transport

Flight Operation Services

Flight testing and operations services are provided at our secure facilities
Our technologies offer substantial advantages!

Jump into the future with us!

Learn how our core technologies provide a solid foundation for future developments in communications, defense, and drone transportation.

Opportunity to invest

The future is here… why not invest in it?

Opportunity to partner

We can partner with other Innovators.

Opportunity to innovate

Participate in the development of drones and autonomous vehicles.
Sunlight Aerospace — the future is now!
Sunfleet drones
eVTOL, Sunlink-XD, and Sunlink-X
Why join us now?
Enabling technologies are developed and protected. Risk is reduced.
Core technologies:
Advanced drones, flight control, Sunfleet network, Ski-Fi, communication payloads, and multi-functional skins
We are interested In:
Teaming with innovators and investors to drive our vision forward

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