Broadband Communication

Global Opportunities, The Time to invest is NOW; Global Customer base.

Defense Applications

High-altitude missions, Low-altitude missions.

Transportation Systems

Development of integration of self-driving vehicles, integrated with drone service

Flight Operation Services

Our Drone Technologies offer substantial advantages over Satellites!

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Learn more about how our Core Technologies provide a solid foundation for future developments in Communication, Defense an Ground Transportation

Sunlight Aerospace’s unmanned aircrafts currently fly under FAA authorization.


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Opportunity to innovate

Electric cars and drones - the future of ground transportation. (and an opportunity to participate)
Sunlight Aerospace - the Future of unmanned Aircraft is NOW!

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Sunfleet, VTOL
Communications, Defense, Transportation
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Enabling technology is becoming available - 5G is on it's way and we can provide it!
Core Technologies We Offer
Sunlink-X, Sunlink-XD, Sunfleet
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Teaming with Innovators and Investors to drive our Vision forward

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