Board of Directors

John Moussouris – Board of Directors

Before founding VenEarth, Mr. Moussouris was founding CEO and Chairman of MicroUnity Systems Engineering, Inc., a developer of broadband microprocessor technologies licensed widely across the computing industry.
Earlier he cofounded MIPS Computer Systems, where he led development of processors used in Sony Playstations, Cisco routers, and other innovative products. He taught at Stanford University and was a research staff member at IBM’s Watson Lab and at the MIT Laboratory for Computer Science. He received an A.B. in physics from Harvard and a D.Phil in mathematical physics with Sir Roger Penrose as a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford.
His interest in climate mitigation dates back to a low-pollution combustion engine company he cofounded in college. Enthusiasm for sustainable agriculture took root during summers on his grandparents’ traditional organic farm on the Greek island of Cephalonia.