Advisory Board

Lt Col Rod Dyckman – Advisory Board

Lt Col Rod Dyckman entered the Air Force in 1970 through Officer Training School and was commissioned a 2nd lieutenant. Following OTS he attended pilot training in Del Rio, Texas and graduated in the top of his class. Throughout his career Rod flew a variety of aircraft, and he was assigned to a number of major commands. He was an ATC instructor in T-38s. In addition, he flew tactical fighters, bombers and reconnaissance aircraft. He was an instructor and evaluator in every Air Force airplane he flew. He has roughly 18,000 hours flying time.

Most notably, Rod was assigned to the 1st Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron, home of the SR-71 Blackbird. He not only flew worldwide operational SR-71 reconnaissance missions for agencies such as JCS and the CIA, he was commander of the unit. He remained commander until the SR-71 program conclusion in January, 1990.

Rod also worked for NASA Dryden and flew various military aircraft at Edwards AFB, CA.

Following the retirement of the Blackbird, Rod also retired from the Air Force and joined American Airlines. At American he flew as an engineer, first officer and captain in Boeing 727, 757, 767 and MD 80 aircraft. After nearly 18 years with the airline, he retired from American and went to work for NetJets. Rod has over 1,000 general aviation and test hours.