Transportation Systems

Enabling integration of autonomous vehicles and eVTOL drones for passenger and cargo transportation.

Cargo delivery is a particularly notable and lucrative segment of the drone market. eVTOL transportation allows drones to take off and land practically anywhere. Various eVTOL ideas are being developed targeting applications spanning small package delivery to long-distance passenger transport.

Sunlight has developed proprietary eVTOL designs, which combine advantages of regular fixed-wing aircraft with that of a quadcopter. The main drawback of existing “air-taxi” solutions is their inefficiency and resulting short range. Our patented solution allows us to incorporate eVTOL capabilities into a fixed-wing airframe without compromising its performance. Significantly, this allows us to combine autonomous transport in the air and on the ground in one integrated system.

Our approach is unique in that it provides seamless and efficient integration of various drone technologies, resulting in a longer transport range while maintaining VTOL capability. Our solution is highly scalable and can be applied to transport of small cargo as well as people.

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