Sunlight’s products and services are suitable for defense and DHS applications. We are open to teaming on projects to better serve the customer mission requirements.


  • Fixed-wing drones:
    • Sunlink-X for high altitude missions
    • Sunlink-XD for low altitude missions
    • Sunfleet swarms
      • Rapidly deployable, scalable, multi-UAS swarms
      • Formation and close-formation flight
      • Distributed and scalable payloads
      • Persistent and long-endurance missions
      • No single point of failure
  • eVTOL drones
    • Proprietary design
    • Efficient forward and vertical propulsion
    • Scalable size and endurance
    • Autonomous cargo pods
    • Transportation of data, supplies, munitions, or personnel
  • Other components, systems and software
    • Multi-functional skins
    • Flexible PV modules
    • Flight control systems and software including swarm control
    • Example
  • Missions and Payloads:
    • Communications to ground, air, sea, and satellite
      • Ski-Fi networks
      • Low-latency, wide-area LTE networks
      • Multi-spectral and adaptive networks
      • Tactical radio networks
      • IOT and sensor networks
      • Air-to-satellite backhaul
    • Surveillance and situation awareness
      • Visual, IR, RF, LIDAR, and multi-spectral surveillance
      • On-board AI for image processing and recognition
      • SIGINT and ELINT
    • Battlefield Systems
      • Tagging, tracking, and targeting
      • Positional affirmation
      • GPS jamming
      • UAS interceptors


We have R&D and prototyping facilities in Colorado and New Jersey, we also have flight testing and demonstration facilities in Colorado and New Mexico. The Colorado site is being developed as a testing and demonstration center for autonomous air and ground systems for in-house and customer systems.

  • Consulting
  • Design and modeling
  • Software and firmware development
  • Prototyping
  • Testing and demonstration
  • Manufacturing
  • Upgrades and maintenance
  • Contract operations